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Your Purpose Helps Define the Road Ahead

Offering Future-Focused Financial Planning

At Ascension College Planning, our mission is to help end the student loan crisis one family at a time. By using the College Pre-Approval™ process, we help families create a comprehensive college funding plan to maximize financial aid, minimize taxes, and save for a confident retirement at the same time. As a full-service, fee-only, fiduciary firm, we partner with you to help you understand your goals as they apply to college, retirement and more. Over time, we’ve discovered that financial education isn’t taught as it should be, which is why we want to help change the narrative and make your goals feel achievable.

We work in your best interest, which means your needs come first as we collaborate to develop a strategy that addresses your circumstances. You’ll find that honesty lies at the heart of what we offer, and grows from an inner strength and confidence that is bred by exacting truthfulness, trustworthiness and integrity.

As one of only a few college planning focused financial planners in the Tucson area, we specialize in helping you prepare for one of many momentous occasions in your life.

Used with permission of Capstone College Partners 

We Believe In...

Lifetime Learning

Lifetime Learning Tucson, AZ Ascension College Planning

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Tucson, AZ Ascension College Planning

Continuing Education

Continuing Education Tucson, AZ Ascension College Planning

What Working Together Means to Us

Each of us strives to be a better version of ourselves and our goal is to be that conduit for you as you realize and work toward your life goals.

Our emphasis as financial planners is to not only help you manage your money, but help you prepare for a successful future, both personally and monetarily. As a community, we are often called to embrace and share our specific talents, which is why our passion lies in helping you plan for the road ahead.

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