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Personalized Planning
To Help You Realize Your "Why"

Offering Guidance by Eliminating the Guesswork
Every Step of the Way

By working with you to understand your goals, we strive to develop a deeper knowledge of what you’d like to achieve through education and life. We offer advice on college funding, retirement planning and investment management, encouraging you to come to us in times of need and change. Through a series of three to four meetings, and an ongoing relationship, we’ll address your “why” to keep you focused on what’s ahead.

Why? Tucson, AZ Ascension College Planning

What You Can Expect From Our Planning Process:

Step One: Goal Setting Tucson, AZ Ascension College Planning
Step One

Goal Setting

We will work to get to know you, your current lifestyle and the goals you’d like to achieve. By setting clear goals for the road ahead, we can create clarity and transparency surrounding your financial concerns.

Step Two: Data Gathering Tucson, AZ Ascension College Planning
Step Two

Data Gathering

Organizing the appropriate documents surrounding your finances is crucial in developing a strategy that meets your interests. We’ll ask that you either upload your paperwork digitally, or meet with us to streamline the process.

Step Three: Create a plan Tucson, AZ Ascension College Planning
Step Three

Create a Plan

Through a well-developed and researched financial plan, we can help guide you on the path to achieving your goals. We offer alternative solutions and recommendations to help you think outside of the box.

Step Four: Review & Adjust Tucson, AZ Ascension College Planning
Step Four

Review & Adjust

Over time, we’ll monitor and adjust your plan based on transitional moments in your life. With an ongoing, personal relationship, we hope to be there for every altering moment and will vary the solutions offered, based on your circumstances.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’d like to get started, please take a few minutes to share with us what is most important to you and what you would like to achieve. You will receive a copy of your completed Goals and Values report via email, and we will reach out to schedule a complimentary consultation in which we’ll get to know you better and discuss how we can help.